What Does Rio Mean In English?


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The majority of the occurrences of the word Rio in English derive from either the Portuguese or Spanish word for river. If you wish to say it like a Spanish speaker it has an accent on the "i" (R'o) phonetically pronounced RREE-oh (where the 'r' here has the 'rr' sound and is pronounced with a strong trill). There is no accent in Portuguese or English usage.
As I'm sure you're aware its use has expanded have beyond simply meaning river in English and has taken on an air of exoticism, mainly due to it being used as the shortened term for the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil and the third largest in South America.
Rio can also refer to the 2011 animated family movie Rio: The Movie, which was from the same people that brought us the successful Ice Age series.
Rio can also refer to the 80s pop classic and smash hit from British new wave band Duran Duran. It's mostly remembered for its iconic video, filmed aboard a yacht which can now been seen as a prime example of 80s excess and yuppie culture. It was also the name of the album from which the single was taken and was released in 1982.
Rio may also refer to the Manchester United and England centre-back, Rio Ferdinand, a successful if now aging football player.
Rio may also refer to the small car produced by South Korean automobile manufacturers Kia Motors or a fruity fizzy soft drink available in the UK.
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The term rio is Spanish, meaning "river". Thus there are a large number of rivers, especially in South America whose names include the term rio such as Rio Grande and Río de la.

It is also used in a number of place names such as Rio, Illinois; Rio, West Virginia; Rio, New York; and Rio, Greece. It most popularly used to refer to the city of Rio de Janeiro, which is Portuguese for "January River. It is the name that is given to a state as well as a city located in south-eastern Brazil. This chief Brazilian port and seconds largest city is a popular as a tourist attraction. From the year1763 to 1960, it was deemed the capital city of Brazil.

RIO is an abbreviation meaning radar intercept officer.
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It is spanish for Big River
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It means 'The Host City of 2016 Olympic Game' !

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