What Does Borealis Mean In English?


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Borealis is a word that is used while referring to something found in the extreme northern parts of the northern hemisphere. The word is a derivative of the Greek name for the God of the North Wind, which in Latin is written as Boreas. The God was said to have snakes for feet or alternately winged feet.

There are several ways in which the word is used to describe things belonging to the north or from where the Greeks believed the north wind originated.

A few examples of its use:
Aurora Borealis or what are commonly known as the Northern Lights.
Corona Borealis or Northern Crown which is a constellation found in the northern hemisphere. It is located between Hercules and Bootes.
Linnaea Borealis an evergreen shrub found in northern parts of Asia and Europe.
Balaenoptera Borealis a species of whales, one of the largest in the world.
Synaptomys Borealis a North American Lemming.

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