What Does Kung Fu Mean In English?


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The sport of kung fu is translated into English as Chinese boxing. It is one of the most popular martial arts apart from karate. Kung fu employs kicks, strikes, throws, turns of the body, dodges, holds, crouches, starts, leaps, falls, handsprings and somersaults. These movements include more techniques which involves the use of the open hand, such as claws and rips, than those used in karate.

Kung fu is the generic Mandarin Chinese name for a range of combative systems practiced in China. The Cantonese spelling of the term is gung fu. It includes the legendary style of fighting known as the Shaolin style of fighting.

Shaolin was a sixth-century monastery in the city of Honan in China. The Shaolin style of fighting, which has been developed over several centuries, includes about 170 movements that resemble animals such as the tiger, the leopard, the snake, the dragon and the crane.
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Kung Fu Panda means a famous Chinese martial art.

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Wel I doubt that the translation is luck or chinese boxing I do kung fu and not even my sifu knows what it means

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