What Does Propagation Mean?


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The term ‘propagation’ can be used to refer to reproduction, plant propagation and the propagation of schema, among others. In a very general level the word can be defined as a form of multiplication or increase.

In terms of reproduction, the word ‘propagation’ is used when describing the multiplication of a species by its biological process during which ‘offspring’, i.e. New organisms, are produced by their ‘parent’. Every individual organism exists as a result of reproduction and the method by which it takes place can either be sexual or asexual.  Sexual reproduction requires two individuals of the opposite sex to both be involved in the process. In comparison, asexual reproduction only requires the participation of one individual.

When referring to plants, propagation is the process of creating new plants from a variety of sources. These sources can either be the seeds, cuttings, bulbs or other plant parts. The term can also be used to refer to the artificial or natural dispersal of plants. Plant propagation can take place in a number of different ways; sexually, asexually, electrically, with heat or with a seed propagation mat. Sexual propagation uses the seeds from the plants for reproduction. Electrical propagation is used commonly by large scale facilities and is a low cost effective way to promote seed growth. Asexual propagation takes advantage of the mechanisms in plants that allow them to produce asexually. Heated propagation used a horticultural device maintain a warm and damp environment for seed growth. Finally a seed propagation mat can also be used to reproduce plants via the heated rubber underlay.

Propagation of schema uses the term within evolutionary computing. In this context it refers to the inheritance of characteristics of one generation by the next. E.g. If individuals in the current generation match the schema and so do those in the next generation, it is considered to have been propagated.
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Propagation is the act or action of propagating. It is an increase (as of a kind of organism) in numbers, It is also the spreading of something (as a belief) abroad or into new regions.
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Propagation literally means the spreading of something into new areas. This term is generally used in reference with the process of servers in the internet registering that your domain name is associated with a particular IP address. Thus it is a computer term in this context. Propagation can take between three to five days but at times it may even get extended to seven to ten days. It is the process of updating a domain across the world's Internet servers.

Site may or may not be available during propagation. It depends on the type of ISP server. A 72 hour gap is advised before the site is announced. It is possible to use and announce own domain names after the propagation process. Patience is required during propagation as it is a lengthy

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