What Does Sumo Mean In English?


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Sumo is a kind of sport. In this sport, there are two wrestlers who are called rikishi. These two wrestle in a circular area. It is a contact sport. The sport lays its foundations from the Japanese origins. It is usually surrounded by a kind of ritual and a ceremony. In Japan, these wrestlers are called as gendai budo. It is now a modern Japanese martial art. The sport lays down it foundations centuries back.

It is a very ancient tradition. The sport till date maintains its rituals and ceremonial elements. These rituals include the use of slat which is done for the purification. There are rules laid for the winner of the two sumos. The first state is that the first wrestler should touch the ground from any part of his body. He cannot use his feet soles. The second is that he should touch the ground that is outside the circle loses.

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