What Does Presiding Mean?


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The word presiding is obtained from the verb preside. It has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word praesidere. It is a combination of two words- prae and sedere. Prae means pre and sedere means to sit. Then, praesidere was adapted by the Old French and modified by French as présider. Presiding is the continuous tense of the verb preside. When someone presides something, he acts as the chairperson or president. This person holds a position of authority. For example: he presided over the university for four years.

Preside could also mean to manage or control something. For example: she presides over the annual meetings. It means she manages the annual meetings or she is authorized to control the proceedings of the meeting. Thus, the authorized person or officer is called presiding officer. Here, presiding is used as an adjective.

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