What Does Axe Mean In English?


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The noun form of the word axe means a tool or a weapon with a heavy blade mounted across the handle. The handle is normally made of wood. The axe is used typically to chop trees and shape wood. In the past, the axe was used as a weapon of survival especially during the Neolithic age, for man to ward off against enemies. For quite some time later, the axe was used in wars too. The verb form of the word axe means to chop or slit.

Axe is also an action which means to end or terminate. For example: The project was axed due to insufficient funds. There is a wise saying in English which means "sharpening one's axe". This means that one should always hone one's talents and not waste them. Sharpening the axe means upgrading your skills to perfection by constant practice.

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