What Does The Word Grovel Mean?


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To grovel is a verb. The word grovel is defined as to behave in a servile or demeaning manner. To cringe in front of somebody is defined as grovelling. It also means to lie or to creep in a prostrate position in front of another person, who is usually in a higher position than the one who is grovelling. It is also defined as to give oneself over (or to succumb) to base pleasures such as food, drink, sex, etc.

The word grovelling is derived from a back formation of the obsolete grovelling. It means prone, face downward. It is derived from the Middle English word (on) grufe, which means face downwards. This word, in turn, is derived from the Old Norse word a grufu, which is, in turn, derived from the word grufa, which means to grovel. A person who grovels is called a groveller. The antonym of the word grovel is boast.

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