What Does Objective Mean?


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To give an 'objective view' on something also means to give a non bias opinion on something. For example take the following sentence:
"When it came to his little girl Paul could never be objective, she always looked good to him." Another sentence may help: "When the Judge ordered the jury out to decide the verdict he ordered them not to read any newspapers or watch any TV so that they may be able to sustain an objective view on the case in hand."

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An objective is an optical system or device. It refers to the lower lenses on a microscope or stereoscope. It is the main light gathering optic in a telescope or binocular. The objective lens of a refractor is simply the main lens at the front of the telescope. It is the thing that collects light from the sky and folds the light into a cone. The task of the objective is to make a light cone which comes into fixed focus at a particular focal point.

They are fitted into the nose pieces of the instruments being used. It contains a combination of lenses that receive light rays from an object and form an image on the focal plane. A photographic lens is an objective. Objective lenses are located opposite of the eyepiece. They are located furthest from the user s face during viewing.

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