What Does Orchard Mean?


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The word orchard is defined as a grove. An orchard is a garden which consists of a small cultivated wood. Orchards have no undergrowths. An orchard is a grove in which trees or shrubs are planted intentionally and maintained for the purpose of the production of food. Most orchards usually comprise those trees or shrubs that produce fruit or nuts. The fruit and nuts are usually commercially produced and then sold for a price in a market, which could either be the wholesale market or the retail market.

Orchards are also sometimes one of the features of large gardens. They serve an artistic as well as a useful purpose. An orchard, in other words, is defined as a place where fruit and nut trees are cultivated. It is derived from a combination of two root words, namely the word hortus and the word yard. It is the small boy's Eden of today. In an orchard, an apple again occasions the fall.

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