What Does Frijoles Mean?


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The word 'frijoles' is a Spanish word. It is translated into English as beans. It usually refers to a variety of beans called pinto beans, which have been stewed. The other varieties of frijoles are Anasazi, black turtle, bollito and red beans (which are also known as Mexican strawberry beans).

Frijol is the singular form of the word frijoles, but the plural word, namely frijoles, is usually used. The frijoles or beans should always be soaked before they are cooked. Black beans is the most commonly used variety of beans used in Cuban cooking, while red beans is the most popular variety of beans used in the cuisine of Nicaragua.

A staple dish in Latin American cooking is any dish prepared using beans (or frijoles) and rice. Rice is the most popular food grain or cereal eaten in the countries of Latin America. Frijoles and rice are usually served together (as a combination), and Latin Americans eat these dishes almost everyday. Frijoles specifically refer to beans which have been dried.

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