What Does Harlan Mean?


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Harlan is often used as a given name for boys in the US; in the UK, it is usually a surname. Like many surnames, Harlan was originally a place name. There were several places in Britain called Harland; this came from the Old English words har, meaning "grey" or hara "hare" and land, which implies cleared or cultivated land.

Another version of this name is Harland, which has the same meaning. A George Harland left England in 1687 and later became governor of the US state of Delaware. One of his descendants became the well known late 19th-century Judge John Marshall Harlan. The popularity of the name in the US may owe something to him.
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The name Harlan is a name for a male used in the English language. It is derived form a surname which is in turn borrowed from an Old English name of a place which meant 'hare land'.

Harlan is the name of a crater on the moon, situated close to the south eastern part. It is situated just to the north eastern part of the Marinus crater. The Abel walled plain is situated to the north east of the crater, while Mare Australe is situated to the south east.

The crater has a sort of worn out rim, with another crater connected to the north eastern rim. The interior of the wall has slouched to create a shelf along the north western rim.

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