What Does Shen Mean?


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The word "Shen" is a popular eastern name. It is believed to be of Chinese origin and means introspective or deep thinking. It is a name for boys. The word Shen is also found used in the English language and means something like tooth or ivory. It's a biblical name and is mentioned at Sam 7:12. It is believed to refer to some rock that was probably shaped or coloured like a tooth.

The word Shen is also found used in the Chinese language to refer to the soul or spirit. In this context it is found used in literature pertaining to traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist literature. It is also used by the Christians of Chinese origin to refer to God. It is also found used as a common family name in China.
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She is, coincidentally, also a contraction in Scots Gaelic for Shenair, which means grandfather.

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