What Does Deity Mean?


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It means nature of a god.
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A simple connotation of the term deity would encompass a god, or a goddess or any other divine entity.

A deity could refer to the rank or to the essential nature of a god. In this sense it means divinity. It is also used to refer to one who is exalted or revered as an utterly good or powerful being. There are some faiths and traditions that view it as sacrilegious to even imagine or to depict a deity in any concrete form. Deities are usually immortal.

It comes from the Middle English term deitee; from the Anglo-French term deité, from the Late Latin word deitat-, deitas, which is from the Latin term deus, meaning god; it is akin to the Old English term TIw, which meant god of war, the Latin word divus meaning god, dies day, the Greek word dios, which means heavenly, and the Sanskrit term deva meaning heavenly, god.

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