What Does Thermometer Mean?


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Thermometer is known as the device that measures the temperature or the gradient of temperature. It uses a variety of various principles for measuring the temperature. The name Thermometer is derived from the two Latin words; thermo (Heat) and Meter (Measure).

The first thermometer ever was known as a thermoscope. After that various thermoscopes were invented by many inventors during that same time period. An Italian inventor who went by the name of Santorio Santorio was the first inventor to make numerical markings on a thermoscope. The first inventor to invent a mercury thermometer was 'Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit'. He invented the mercury thermometer in the year 1714.

There are a range of thermometers that are available. Different thermometers include; Mercury in glass thermometer, Galileo thermometer, infrared thermometer, Liquid Crystal thermometer and the Reversing thermometer.
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Thermometer is an instrument which is used to measure the temperature. The word thermometer is derived from the Greek words; thermo means heat and meter means to measure. There are two main components of a thermometer including temperature sensor or mercury bulb and the scale. There are different materials which are used in thermometers to measure the intensity of heat but mercury thermometers are most widely used because they are cheap, easily available and accurate.

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