What Does Supreme Deity Mean?


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Supreme deity is term that constitutes two words. The first word supreme implies highest, best, superlative, ultimate and 'absolute'. The deity means god, divinity, divine being, holy being or universal master. Supreme deity indicates 'supreme god' or 'absolute divinity'. There are many definitions or theories on Supreme deity. There is no one over him. He is considered to be the Ultimate force of life.

Many religions offer varied explanations. Some religions consider this world to have been created by Him. Some philosophies say He also sustains the universe and destroys it too. Other theories hold that He is not involved in anything after the creation. He is the effulgent light and true happiness. Supreme Deity is a being most powerful, all-knowing, omnipotent and benevolent.
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Supreme Deity is Lord Shiva. All the religion ends at him. Reaching him is the target of life!
Repeated re-births are there until we reach him.
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