What Does Fright Mean?


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Fright is when you're scared.
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Its a certian type of anxitey. Its called perfromance anxitety it really is a phobia and its like when your scared of doing something, were you come to "stage fright"
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To fright is a verb. It means to frighten or to cause fear (of something) in (the mind of a person). Fright, which described as an emotion, means fear. It is an emotion experienced in anticipation of something specific. It is usually an instinctive way people react to something which is painful or dangerous. Fright is usually accompanied by the desire to flee (that is, to run away from the place) or fight (that is, stand up and face the fearsome person or thing bravely).

The synonyms of the word fright are fear, terror, anxiety, foreboding, dread, scare, start and panic. The phrases which are commonly associated with the word fright are stage fright (that is, the feeling of anxiety some people are overcome by when they have to deliver a speech or perform in front of an audience or crowd), Fright Night (a film starring Chris Sarandon and Roddy McDowall, which was released in the year 1985) and Fright Fest (the annual Halloween festival that takes places in the Six Flags over Texas, an amusement park in the state of Texas in the United States of America).

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