What Does Bridged And Unabridged Mean?


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The word unabridged is used to denote a content that is original or not condensed. The abridgement or shortening is done because of the existence of already established works and to make the concerned book or text more convenient for use. The texts can also be abridged as certain content in it may offend some religious or cultural groups. This text or content is inclusive of books, articles, and documents. A piece of writing or speech that is unabridged is in its original form or full form and it is not made shorter.

Other words which are synonymous to this word 'unabridged' are: complete, unabbreviated, uncensored, uncut or unexpurgated. Some examples relating to its use areas follows: unabridged dictionary. This is a comprehensive dictionary and is not reduced by omitting examples or detailed definitions. Another example is 'an unabridged novel'.
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Bridged means its cool to walk over the water, unabridged means that it ain't finished and you might fall in and get wet

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