What Does Coarse Mean?


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Coarse pertains to something which is inferior or commands low value. Some one who lacks etiquette or decency is also said to be a 'coarse' person. A person who is coarse in nature is loud, uncivilized and vulgar with respect to his speech and mannerisms, or garish with respect to his clothing. Someone who displays a streak of prudishness, impoliteness and vanity is also a coarse person.

Coarse also implies something which is not fine in form; having a lot of large particles. For example: the ground is filled with coarse mud. Anything which is uneven, rough or not smooth is also called as being coarse. A rough, craggy and rugged surface is often said to be coarse. Anything which is insulting or harsh can be also termed as being as being coarse.
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It means rough.

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