What Is Non Fraternal Polyandry?


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A form of Polyandry in which several men who are not brothers, marry a single woman. (Greek: poly- multi, andres - men) It is not a common practice. However, it used to occur in the Himalayas and in South Asia and in the Nair community from Kerala, India, in older days. It was also practiced in some parts of Africa and Oceania, certain Native American tribes are also known to have practiced it.

Another tribe that still practices non fraternal polyandry is the Khasi tribe in North Eastern India. Sometime back, to fight against the atrocities committed by their wives, the Khosi men formed a union called Synkhong Rympei.In both the Khosi and Nair communities, the mother's family name was passed down to the offspring, as were the rights to property.

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