What Does Chateau Mean?


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A chateau is a French word for a palatial house or mansion. It also refers to a place, the purpose of which is to exclusively produce wine. Such chateaus can be commonly found in France, especially in the Bordeaux and Bourgogne regions.

Historically, a chateau was the royal abode and the centre of political activity in medieval France. It is the equivalent of the then contemporary English castle. Peasants, artisans and workers sought asylum in chateaus in the time of war.

A version of the chateau, known as a Chateau-fort, arrived at its conclusion towards the end of the fifteenth century, wherein the splendid Feudal Chateau Pierrefonds was put up near Compeigne. One saw a change when the chateaus in the sixteenth century were characterised by moats, and were not as highly fortified.
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Chateau usually means a Large Building or tower in Old English

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