What Does Draught Mean?


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Draught is a variant spelling of draft. Draught is chiefly a British word. It is considered to have its origin in Old Norse. It is spelt as drăft. It is spelt as draft but varies in its pronunciation as the 'aught' in this word is also spelt as in caught. Thus, draught means 'to pull or draw up; to sketch; to compose; to work as a draftsman'. In Britain, draughts is a game for two players and played on a chequered board. This game is played using twenty-four pieces. As an adjective, draught is used to denote 'served from a cask', and is usually with reference to beer. Draught also indicates 'used for pulling heavy loads', pertaining to an animal.

As a noun, draught represents a current of cool air indoors. An act of drinbking or breathing n is called a draught. Draught has a archaic use as 'a quantity of a medicinal liquid'. The depth of water needed to float a certain ship is indicated by the word draught. For example: the shallow draught gives a flat floor for the cabin.
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Draught is usually an alcohol drawn from a keg

(you should know that because I'm only 10)

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