What does rough draft of reaserch paper mean?


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Duane Bryant answered
A rough draft is your first writing of the paper.  This follows an outline, where you put down in short form the sequence of what you are going to say.  After you're rough draft, you want to check to see if the paragraphs are in correct sequence, or if one paragraph needs to be moved.  Same with sentences.  You also need to correct grammatical errors and spelling.  Also look to see if you could use a different word here or there to make your idea easier to understand.  Now it's time for your second draft, a rewrite following all the corrections of the rough draft.  Go through the second draft and look for errors or problems, you may want to write a third draft.
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Jillian Peppe answered
Rough draft research paper is where you put down all your ideas that you want to use for your final research paper.  It helps you to put your thoughts down and then you can work off of the rough draft to finalize the final research paper.

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