What Does Jacquard Mean?


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Jacquard is a fabric of intricate weave or pattern. The term refers to those fabrics that are manufactured using the Jacquard attachment on the weaving loom. It is named for its French inventor, Joseph Marie Jacquard. Versatility in designs and individual control of each of the warp yarns are the unique feature of this attachment. A Jacquard pattern has brought forth a design or pattern that is completely different than being printed on the fabric.

Brocade and damask are types of jacquard woven fabrics. It is very important for decorative fabrics like tapestries, figured necktie and dress fabric, and figured patterns on knit goods. It can produce all-over designs of colour and texture in fabric. Jacquard loom is a derivation of the old draw boy hand loom. Silk and rayon are most commonly used to create jacquards. The loom used punch cards to activate the warp threads making possible up to 12 pattern and design variations.

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