What Does Iris Mean?


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According to the dictionary iris has several meanings:

- The coloured muscular diaphragm that surrounds and controls the size of the pupil
- A flower called stinking iris. Also called: Fleur-de-lys. Any plant belonging to the iridaceous genus Iris, having brightly coloured flowers composed of three petals and three drooping sepals
- Also called: Rainbow quartz; a form of quartz that reflects light polychromatically from internal fractures

As it controls the size of the pupil it is important for sight and therefore if this does not work properly then you might have to go and find yourself some spectacles or glasses. This will measure the sight of your eye. The sphincter muscle, which is lying directly around the very edge of the pupil, has an important function. In bright light the sphincter contracts and thus causes the pupil to constrict. The dilator muscle runs radially through the iris, which is similar to the spokes on a wheel. This muscle dilates the eye in dim lighting.

The iris is flat in shape and divides the front of the eye (anterior chamber) from the back of the eye (posterior chamber). Its color comes from microscopic pigment cells called melanin. The color, texture, and patterns of each person's iris are as individual as a fingerprint.
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The word Iris comes from Greek Mythology. It was the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow and she was also the messenger of the Gods. The word in this sense comes from the Greek word "Iris" meaning rainbow and has Indo-European roots.

Iris refers primarily to the round, pigmented, contractile membrane within the eye. The pupil perforates it and it lies suspended between the lens and the cornea. Another meaning of the word is that it refers to a number of species of plants within the genus Iris. When colours are displayed in a rainbow like manner it is also referred to as Iris.

The Iris in the eye is perhaps the most visible feature of an eye. Its primary function is regulating the amount of light that enters the eye.
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It means beautiful flower.
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The joy of a believer

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