What Does Elaborate Mean?


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Elaborate means adding further details, to what you are talking about. Giving more information about the topic being discussed or written about.
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1 : Planned or carried out with great care
2 : Marked by complexity, fullness of detail, or ornateness
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Great! Think of the verb elaborate as a means of expanding on a particular subject or idea through words or expression. The adjective elaborate gives a description that can be explained through words such as ornate, intricately designed, or detailed.
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The word 'elaborate' is used both as a verb as a noun, but it's commonly used as a verb. The verb elaborate means to discuss something in minute detail. For instance if  someone asks you to elaborate on what you think about a certain idea such as democracy or anything, they're asking you to tell them what you think about that particular thing at length and in great detail. Elaborate is also used a noun to refer to something that is worked out with intricacy and nicety of detail, such as an elaborate dinner or elaborate preparations.
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The word elaborate is defined as to add details to an account or an idea. The account or basic idea needs to be elaborated upon in order that its meaning becomes clearer. The discourse in the account or idea also becomes clearer in a learned way, especially in the case of a written account or idea.

To elaborate is also defined as to produce (something) from basic elements or sources. It also means to change (something) into a more developed product. An elaborate object is one which is characterised by complexity or intricacy and attention to fine detail. When something is said to be elaborate, it means that that object is rich in detail.

To elaborate also means to complicate (something), that is to make it more complex, more refined, more intricate, richer or more detailed. An elaborate object is developed or executed with care and attention is paid even to the minutest details. Everything is worked out in detail and even expressed in great detail.
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To be honest next time you write a paragraph defining something spell characterized correctly it makes you sound ignorant.

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