What Does Burrito Mean?


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Burrito refers to a popular Mexican dish made of meat like pork, beef or chicken wrapped in tortilla (unleavened bread made from wheat flour). The dish is predominant in the northern region of Mexico where the meat is the only filling. In US however, the burrito is experimented with fillings which vary from tomatoes, rice to beans and lettuce. The tortilla is grilled lightly or steamed to make the dish soft.

In Spanish, the word burrito implies "little donkey." The vague connection to the dish lies in the fact that the rolled up tortilla looks like the ear of the little donkey. Al pastor (barbecued marinated pork), chorizo (Mexican sausage), and Pescado (fried fish) are some of the tasty fillings of burrito among the numerous ones. The "wet burrito" or burrito dipped in chilly sauce with a dash of shredded cheese on top is quite popular in the US.

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