"We Perceive Things As We Are And Not As They Actually Are".Elaborate With Examples?


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Um. According to me, we all could see or observe an object, but we are bound to have a different understanding of it and a different point of view. We make an understanding of a situation due to our own way of perceiving life and the way we see our world. Also factors like past experiences, personality, culture, religion, upbringing, gender and the society we live in affect our understanding. We can comprehend what we see but it is subject to our own unique way of thinking.
We all act according to our past experiences, if they were good or bad. If someone was bitten by a dog when he was little, then he might get scared when a dog comes near him, on the other hand, some people have dogs as pets and they think they are the most loyal animals on earth and yet may never do anything to harm them. Each person has a different personality that could affect their perception. For instance, gender, some girls get so emotional and cry while watching a sad movie, while boys don’t even feel the sadness.
Hope this helps. :)

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