"If Bad Manners Are Infectious, So Also Are Good Manners" Elaborate.

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Yes, manners are infectious whether they are good or bad.this is the truth.if a good have a company with a bad person , then she is likely to get influenced by him.this can be wrong only when the good person has a strong likeness and mental ability to cope only with the good things-and she obstructs the wrong this way  a good person can strongly influence the bad  person to support only with the good doings.if this is possible the whole world can be converted the residence of good people.but this is strongly recommended that a good person believes in her goodness and follow its principles and try it to spread over her companions and allow others to take the advantages of being good.
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In his essay "On saying please" the writer has very aptly-commented on good and bad manners. He says that bad manners of one person influence others and make them also rude and ill-tempered. Similarly, good manners of owner person also affect others and make them polite and kind. Good and bad manners spread quickly from one person to the other like a contagious disease. As we live in a society the ways and manners of people are bound to affect others.

The writer also refers to another incident that brought him across a cheerful bus conductor. One day the writer boarded a bus without any money in his pockets. He told the conductor that he would not pay the fare. He was afraid that the conductor would make him get off the bus contemptuously. But he was surprised when the good-mannered conductor graves him the ticket and told him to pay the fare next time. This good-humored conductor was so nice and helpful to his passenger that it was a pleasure to travel on his bus. His civility radiated comfort, joy and peace. As a result his passenger could not help being nice and polite. Therefore, the writer has rightly said that good or bad manners are like infection that travels from person to person leaving its sweet or bitter taste in the environment.
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Yes I do agree. Both r infectious. Some People tend to get attracted towards bad manner easily than good manners

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