What Does Hypo Mean?


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Hypo DOES mean low or insufficient. In medical parlance it DOES pertain to low levels of a particular substance in the body. But diabetics are HYPERglycemic. They have TOO MUCH blood sugar because their pancreas is producing too little insulin. It's a common misconception that diabetics have low blood sugar.

People, and animals, suffering from HYPOglycemia, low blood sugar, usually have pancreatic islet cell tumors where the pancreas produces too MUCH insulin and drops blood glucose levels, sometimes so low as to induce comas or seizures. Treatment usually starts by giving a corticosteroid such as prednisone because corticosteroids (NOT anabolic steroids that bodybuilders use) interfere with the effect of insulin and often this will keep blood glucose levels fairly stable. Unfortunately, corticosteroids have many harmful side effects if taken long term such as adrenal gland suppression and persistent urinary tract infections.

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Hypo is a prefix originating from the Greek implying "low," or "insufficient." In medical parlance, this prefix denotes an exceptionally low level of a particular substance in the body. For example, a condition like hypoglycaemia implies a low level of blood sugar in the body for a person afflicted with diabetes.

The word is used in anatomy as a prefix to mean "below" or "under" with respect to location of parts of the body. For example, hypothamus is a region of the brain below the thalamus. In chemistry, the prefix is used with respect to oxyanions and oxoacids with a minimal amount of oxygen. In photography, "hypo" implies Sodium thiosulfate, or a fixing agent used for developing photographic film in the dark room. A hypodermic needle is a hollow needle generally used with a syringe to inject substances into the body.

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