How Do You Say "Good Morning My Friends, Have A Great Day" In French?


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The phrase 'good morning my friends, have a great day' translates into French as 'bonjour mes amis, avour un grand joir.'

The phrase, on a word-by-word translation, breaks down as follows:

'Good morning' - there is no such equivalent greeting in French, 'bonjour' covers all times of day. The French for morning is 'matin'.

'My' is usually 'ma' in French, but when 'friends' is added, becomes the phrase 'mes amis'.

'Have' in French is 'avoir', while 'a' is 'un'.

'Great' becomes 'grand' in French, as in 'grand prix' ('great race'). The English word 'day' becomes the French word 'jour'. The Jacque Tati film 'Jour de Fete' translates directly as 'Feast Day' but more colloquially as 'The Big Day'.

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