What Does Dee Mean?


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Dee is usually used as a first name. It is predominantly, used as a girl's name. It is pronounced as 'dee'. This name finds its origin in Welsh where it is used to mean 'swarthy'. Dee also means someone with a dark and weather beaten complexion. Dee is generally used as a short form of names that begin with a letter 'D'. Dee can be used in differen tforms like: Dede, Dedie, DeeDee, DeeAnn and Didi. People with names Danae, Deirdre, Delicia, Diana and Jay are often referred to as Dee.

Dee is popularly used as a female first name. In the 1990 census of United States of America, it occurred that about seven hundred females of all ages had this name 'Dee' as their first name. It was nearly one sixth of the population of the females. In Hebrew, Dee also denotes 'bee' or 'one who speaks kind words'.

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