What Does Ibid Mean?


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Ibid is the abbreviated form of the Latin word "ibidem," implying "in the same place." The word is used as a term in footnotes and bibliographies to point out to a source quoted in the previous entry. In legal documents, it is written in a short form as Id.,"

While finding an Ibid source, one has to look for the reference preceding it. In other words, the "ibid" is more like "ditto marks" or ( " ).

For instance: 3. K. Stevens, "Computers for techies" (Manual, New York, 1994), p. 26.
4. Ibid., p. 87. The reference in no. 4 is the same as in 3 (K. Stevens, "Computers for techies"). However, one should note that the page number is different in the second example. Ibid, in short conveys, that the word, group of words or the concept is also given in this document.

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