What Does Happy Go Lucky Mean?


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Happy-go-lucky is a term that means to be carefree and take things in a very easy and relaxed manner. It is to be cheerfully irresponsible. It is an English idiom. A person with a happy-go-lucky nature is always happy and does not worry about anything. He always remains untroubled and would shy away from responsibilities.

They have a devil-may care attitude and would be harum-scarum in their approach. They are reckless and impetuous by nature. Happy-go-lucky people live by the moment with no thought for the leave aside tomorrow even for the next moment. While some consider this a virtue, some others think of it as a flaw. Youth are often happy-go-lucky but they shed it as they grow older. In the modern or urban lingo this term indicates people who are high on life.
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Happy go lucky does not mean a person is careless or who does not worry about anything.  I would say I am happy go lucky person,  because I do whatever I do happily and don't like to kick up a fuss.
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I consider myself to be 'happy go lucky', not because I am irresponsible or false but because I'm genuinely capable or compromising my way through life without worry- I'm educated, resourceful and self sufficient. For example, if plan A doesn't work then stay cool, there are still plenty more letters in the alphabet. No worries (or as I would say) Hakuna Matata!

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You bet and you won you took the money and your happy go lucky.

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