What Does Cuff Mean?


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The word cuff is defined as the part of the gauntlet which defends the wrist. It was wider and had a more flared appearance during the fourteenth century. During the fifteenth century, however, the cuff became longer and narrower. The term cuff is now restricted only to oranaments worn on the wrist. It is a small structure that looks like a band. It encircles a part of the wrist.

It is defined as the hem of the sleeve of a shirt that is turned in the upward direction. It is like the corresponding hem found of the legs of trousers. The ornamental cuff has a rigid bracelet. It is in the shape of a circle or an oval and has a clasp. The clasp of a cuff is usually a hinged clasp.

It is also the top part of a boot that wraps around the lower part of the leg. In case of models of women's footwear, many varieties of women's shoes are scalloped at the top to make way for a large or low calf.

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