What Does Explicit Mean?


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Explicit is an adjective used for a statement or a piece of writing that is written or said very clearly and is very easy to understand. The following sentence can make you understand the word better as it is context only that makes things clear: It is quite easy for me to reach there as the directions given to me are very explicit.

The word can also be use for a person who does something in the open manner as shown in the following statement: He was quite explicit about why he had left. The word can also be used for the act that is done or shown in direct way so that it leaves no doubt in anybody's mind. Given here is the context to make things clear: The reason for the behaviour should be made explicit.
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Being explicit means articulating or stating something very specifically, with steps and details, leaving very little or nothing unknown or open to interpretation/guessing.

"She was quite explicit in her instructions to the class as regarded their assignment."

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