What Does Exempt Mean?


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Exempt means you are safe from something eg. Rules. You are exempt from the rules means you can "Disobey" the rules.  Hope it helps.
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The word exempt serves as a verb and as a noun. To exempt implies "to free someone or something from obligation" or "keep as an exception." For example: Certain sections of the society who do not earn a required level of income are exempt from paying income taxes. One can come across the word "exempt" a lot in the computation of taxes and budget. Usually the word 'from' is used along with the word, to form the phrase "exempt from". For example: The tickets of this movie are exempted from entertainment taxes.

The word "exempt" was first used in popular English literature around the year 1320. Here is an example of the word exempt used in a sentence with reference to an obligation or duty:
People in military duty are exempt from paying the normal interest rate on their credit cards.

The word has an Old French origin "exempter," meaning "to take out." The synonyms of the word exempt are to relieve, to excuse or to grant relief.
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A single taxpayer who is paid weekly and claims one exemption has 182.69 exempt from levy.  What does this mean?
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