What Does Excursion Mean?


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Excursion in simple words can be called as "an outing." It is a small trip or a picnic taken for leisure or education. Usually people go for excursion in groups. A round trip taken on a public vehicle at subsidized or low prices can also be termed as an excursion, for example a boat ride. The word has a Latin origin coming from the word "excurrere," which means to "run out."

It is recommended by doctors to go for an excursion to countryside away from the rigors and pollution free life of the city at least once a month to take your mind off from work related pressure and feel at ease with oneself. People even go for excursion for the purpose of meditation. A deviation from a particular topic, course of action or the main path of a voyage is also known as an excursion. For example, in physics, a movement from and back to an axis in an oscillating motion is also known as an excursion.

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