What Does Exclusive Mean?


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Exclusive means "limited" or "selective." When something is not accompanied with others or available as solitary, it is said to be exclusive, for example, an exclusive offer which comes along with a pack of shampoo. Things which are not included within a given set are known to be exclusive. For example in a set of numbers from 10-15, numbers like 7,8,9 and 16,17,18 and so on are said to be exclusive.

Exclusive can also mean "elite" or "expensive." When a certain program is limited to an up-market clientele, is said to be exclusive in nature. Something which is not to be shared with others is also known to be exclusive. For example, a DVD may have exclusive rights to be viewed only for home entertainment and not for cable telecast. A piece of news item or "scoop" released in only one segment of media, a particular TV channel or a tabloid only is called as exclusive. In the marketing parlance, "exclusive" refers to products which are available only from select outlets, retailers or distributors. They can also refer to products which are sold only at select places or events.
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It means its exclusive to that store thats just an example. Well, that is what Jasper said.

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