What Does Comer Mean In English?


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Comer is quiet a common surname in the English language, some famous people with this common surname are Anjanette Corner, B.B. Comer, Clement Comer Clay, etc.

Anjanette Corner is a quiet a well known actress born on August 7th, 1939 in Dawson, Texas. Her first ever prominent appearance on television came in the year 1963, when the made a guest appearance for an episode of Gunsmoke. Over the period of years she made many appearances in other dramatic series of the 1960s like Dr. Kildare and Bonanza.

Her first ever movie appearance was in the 1964's movie, Quick Before It Melts, this was followed by a brilliant role in the 1965 movie The Loved One, in which she played the part of a seductive mortician.

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