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Hidalgo is an expression assigning the lowest level of Spanish nobility, a rank over the ordinary gentry but lower than the great lords. The status was given either straight from the crown, which was called as hidalgo de carta, or was rendered innate through one's birth, called as hidalgo de sangre. The phrase was recognized as early as the twelfth century in the extended conflict to conquer Spain back from the Moors which particularly required the incessant expansion of this group of knights. Though it had no political significance, the rank gave its members special benefits like the usage of the title Don and substantial immunity from taxation. The hidalgo is a memorable character in Spanish literature, frequently being depicted as a vagrant knight.
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Hidalgo refers to a person belonging to the minor nobility in the country of Spain. It is a term pertaining to the lowest degree of Spanish nobility, a rank on top of the ordinary gentry but lower than the great lords. The title was either conferred upon directly from the crown or inherited through birth. The origin of the term "Hidalgo" takes us back to the 12th century.

The rank of Hidalgo may not have conferred its members any political importance but the rank gave its members benefits like the usage of the title "Don" and a significant amount of exemption from taxes. The Hidalgo is a typically common character in Spanish literature often shown as a knight living life like a vagabond.
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Four brothers left for Spain. HIDALGO
One was the father of Fr Hidalgo, Mexico's hero of independence.
Five generations later.In 1917 Manuel A Hidalgo came to the United States after earning his passage on a whaling ship. His father was an ambassador from Ecuador living with his mistress in New Jersey.
...leaving out a family scandal...
Manuel marry the daughter of Irish immigrants while serving in the Army Air Corp, later United States Air Force. He is a Pilot, navigator, and in the 1950's a greasy monkey of the air craft.
He was awarded many honors including on for being the first to safely fly using radar to navigate through the Andie Mountains without being brought down by birds, and avoid hitting a mountainside blinded by a cloud.
This was from Panama south to the bottom of South America during the 1940's.
*** When flying into Panama the control tower could not understand his Spanish-English and continue to ask Manuel A Hidalgo to repeat himself. In frustration he asked the person in the control tower did he understand "ROGER". (A nephew named Roger had just been born and this baby boy was on his mind.)
"Yes, I understand "Roger". Say ,"Roger" if your understand me!"
"Roger" has been used by pilots for decades after.
The first man up into space said "Roger" when talking to NASA and an old man, Manuel A Hidalgo retired, who first used it the term eyes glossed over with pride.
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