What Does Hiatus Mean?


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A hiatus refers to an interruption or some kind of a break in space or time. It refers to a respite or an abatement of something. a hiatus may simply refer to a vacation or a holiday of some sort.

In the area of linguistics, it refers to a small pause or break that happens when two directly consecutive vowels in successive syllables are emphasized. For example like in the word 'naïve'.

In the anatomical structure, a hiatus refers to a separation, a crack or a fissure in either an organ or any other part of the body.

It also refers to the inactivity period of a musical band that has not officially disbanded. In TV scheduling, a hiatus means a creak or gap of minimum several weeks in the general schedule of a programme. It may happen in the course of a season of a programme, or it can be in the middle of two seasons.

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