What Does Blanc Mean?


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Blanc is a French word which means 'white'. The feminine word for white in French is Blanche. Blanc is often the name of different white wines (vin blanc) such as the popular Savignon blanc or Chenin blanc wines. It is pronounced 'blonk' (rhyming with 'plonk'). It is also a white sauce consisting of fat, broth as well as vegetables (which is used in particular with braised meat).

Located the Alps, Mont Blanc (which is French for white mountain) also known as Monte Bianco (Italian, same meaning) and as "La Dame Blanche" (which again is French, meaning the white lady), is the tallest mountain in all of Western Europe.

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the earliest fine wines, best had slightly chilled, along with fish or cheese. Chenin Blanc, sometimes simply known as Chenin is a extensively grown wine grape variety, used to create white wines in a range of styles either with or without some amount of residual sugar.

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