What Does Demise Mean?


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Demise means "death. " The completion of an activity can also be loosely termed as "demise," though the word is popularly used for a person who dies. Demise is incidentally, an Anglo-French term used legally to imply transfer of an estate or a land by lease or a will. The land donated to a charitable institution is also called as" demise."

The word "demise" finds its literal meaning in the Latin word "dimittere" which means "to send away." As a verb, the word "demise" can mean "to transfer by lease." While used in the context of dying, the word has several synoyms like decease, death, extinction, rest, passing away etc. The term was initially used for a grant which was given posthumously but now it can also mean a lease transfer made for a specified number of years. There was a phrase called "demise of the crown" used in English legal parlance to represent the immediate transfer of authority like kingship.

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