What Does Brahman Mean?


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Brahman comes from Sanskrit and connotes greatness. The concept of God found in Hinduism, Brahman is the infinite, unchanging, immanent and transcendent reality.

In organized religion it is the first instance of monism. The closest interpretation of the word Brahman can be found in Taittariya Upanishad. There the Brahman is described in Sanskrit as - Satyam, jnanam anantam brahman- or 'Truth, knowledge and infinity is the nature of Brahman'.

Therefore, Brahman is the source and the end of everything, material or non-material. It is the Divine Ground of existence and non existence. The Hindus say that the goal should be to realize that the soul is nothing but Brahman. Pushkar is the only pilgrimage site with a temple dedicated to Brahma in all of India.

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