What Does Destiny Mean?


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The word destiny is used to describe somebody’s fate; in other words, what is going to happen to them ultimately. Some people think that destiny is preordained by some greater being, like God, so regardless of what their actions are the outcome will be the same.

Other people, while believing in a future predestination believe that they can alter events depending upon what routes they take within their lives. For example, if they take a particular job, their destiny will become one thing, while if they don’t, their destiny will be completely different.

Everybody makes hundreds of decisions every day of their lives without probably realising it; deciding whether to eat a fried breakfast as opposed to fruit and muesli everyday is a decision that will affect somebody’s destiny. Deciding whether to take a particular route to school or work can have an effect on destiny; if you go one way, everything could be fine and there will be no noticeable difference to your life, go another, and you find yourself caught in traffic, you’re late for work and you get the sack...

There are so many different scenarios of all the choices that we make, and that could ultimately affect our destiny, that for some people it is impossible to believe that our lives are mapped out for us. On the other hand, it is for this very reason that others find it easy to believe in this providence. If we considered every single thing, and every single path that we take in our lives, we would be paralysed with indecision and never move over the door step (but what if this decision is the wrong one?). For people who believe in destiny, there is a notion that we are deluded in thinking that we have choices, and that we are just following out lives’ paths.
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The term destiny means something that is going to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing. It is even addressed to the predetermined course of events.

It can even be thought of as preset future, whether in general or as an individual. It is also a perception based on belief that there is a set natural order to the complete universe. Destiny may even be visualized as fore-ordained by the heavenly powers or even by human will.

A sense of fate, fortune or destiny in the earliest human sense is in the soldier's philosophical vision of the "bullet which has your name on it" or the second that your name "comes up".
A large number of people believe that destiny is a fixed timeline of events which were bound to happen and are basically expected or unchangeable.
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Hi dear, the word "destiny" is your dream or what you would always dream of happening --- in a good way. Best of luck to you dear, Djrdouble8
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It means..what my god is making for us..and what going to happen for us
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The word destiny is an event or a course of events that are inevitably bound to happen at some point of time in the future. Destiny is also the ultimate agency that predetermines the course of events. It is sometimes personified as a woman. The word destiny is closely related to consciousness and is also synonymous with a person's fortune. It refers to the overall conditions or circumstances in the life of a person, and includes everything that will happen in the life of that person.

Destiny or Fate is an invincible necessity which concerns the fixed natural order of the universe. Even the gods have no choice but to accede to Destiny or Fate, according to the confession made by the Sibyl of Delphi. The synonyms of the word destiny are fate, fortune, future, karma, kismet, lot, luck, providence and vocation. All there is consciousness. There is no doer and no free will.
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Destiny means luck and happiness and meant to be
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I think that destiny means your destiny your purpose in life and what you are soppose to do in life.
And I should know because my name is destini but it is spelled different it is destini not destiny, but  it is a really strong word and it means a lot and I am glad that my mother named me destini so destiny really means your purpose in life your  and your hope and dreams;what you are going to do in life so I am very pround that my mother named me that; so that is what it means!
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Destiny is what you create for yourself.. Unconsciously or otherwise..
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i recently read this novel (destiny read and you will believe).

this novel describes the actual meaning of destiny. It explains how life is a link and it moves in a system. All we have to do is to understand what a link is. Then the author described a principal called confusion ( this helps in understanding how two paths run along simultanously) the author is such gifted with an understanding about destiny that in the book he has completly described the actual meaning of destiny! This no one has ever been able to.

now im not questioning life anymore because i know how life showing its links every moment.
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Destiny must mean precious because my name is destiny and I am beautiful very very pretty lol it true

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