What Does My Name Jodie Mean?


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The name Jodie means you are sweet kind honest beautiful and last of all and best of all smart
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Ok my name is jodi, and if people say it means smelly dead horse,don't listen, the name jodi (jodie, jody jodee) means your honest beautiful cute and sweet.
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Jodie is a popular girl's name and is an alternate form of the name Jody. Its source is Judith, it is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "Jewish woman.' According to the Apocrypha, Judith is a Jewish heroine who inspired the Hebrew army to win the war against the Assyrians.

Nicknames of the name Jodie include Jo. Alternate spellings of the name Jodie include Jodi and Jodee. Famous personalities bearing the name include actress Jodie Foster.
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Sweet honest beautiful and cute
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My name is jodie I love it!!!!! At 1st I thought it was a made up name but its not its good to have jodie as a name because not a lot of people have it
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Meaning and origin

Jodi is a English girl name.  The meaning of the name is `God Will Increase`.

Where is it used?
The name Jodi is mainly used in English.

How do they say it elsewhere?
Judith (In English,  Jewish,  French and in  the bible)

For the opposite sex use:
In English: Jody (B)
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My name is Jodie and I love it I would never change it!!! :)

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My name is spelt Jodiee with a extra 'e' on the end and I think that's pretty cool!

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