What Does 'Cum Laude' Mean?


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Cum Laude is a Latin phrase which means something like "With Honour". It is derived from the Medieval Latin and is a combination of two Latin words namely "cum" meaning "with" and "laude" meaning "praise". It is a term used or employed in academic circles to point out or distinguish academic distinction. An example being, "John graduated from the University of Liverpool cum laude".

Cum Laude as an honour can only be awarded when certain criteria of academic performance have been met. These rules are generally provided by the institute in question and can differ from institute to institute but are generally reserved for those who have fared extremely well.

There are three levels or categories of honours of this sort awarded. The simplest is "cum laude" meaning "with honour", "magma cum laude" meaning "with great praise" and "summa cum laude" meaning "with highest honour".

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