What Does Axillary Mean?


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The word "axillary" can be used botanically as well as to describe an anatomical feature. Axillary means located near or pertaining to an axil. The latter is the intersection between the leaf and the stem. Every axil contains an axillary bud which matures to form a new shoot. Axillary is also associated with the hollow space beneath the arm, known as the armpit. The word "axillary" comes from a Latin origin "axilla" which means the armpit.

The hollow under the bird's wing is also sometimes referred to as axilla or axillary. Based on the 700,000 words used in the English language, it has been found out that the word axillary is used 33 percent of the time as a noun. If you take a sample of a hundred million words used in English language, you will see the word "axillary" being used about 15 times.

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