What are some words that people commonly mispronounce?


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Depends on the language. But i wouldn't know in english. In dutch it are words that start with this: Psy

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Caramel- I really don't care if isn't pronounced the way I say it… so there!

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I hear the word...idea...pronounced idear and that really irritates me.
Growing up, my dad would say Chur if  or  sur if      for    Sheriff...I tried so hard to make him say it right...finally I gave up.
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Propaganda often gets mispronounced in my history class as it gets the suffix er added on the end plus I live in England home of the abbreviation and slang terminology, though I think this dialect only belongs to certain areas. Any way often the letter r gets removed from water and too much emphasis on the ha part of what so it sounds like wot in the end result also toilet often gets just the o over pronounced so it sounds like tolet. 

Sadly this is only scratching the surface of the pronunciation problem in my area.

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Pronunciation it itself one of the word,,and some more words like bathing,photographer etc...
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"Can't" is one word that most Southerns mispronounce. But I hate words that have many meanings. Like the word "Live".
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Sorry Mark but, I abhor the word "hate" because HATRED is the REAL reason there are so many problems in OUR world. People hate other religious types, other political types and some people just HATE to HATE. There is always conflict & drama.......just saying
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LoL. You blame hate and I blame religion.

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